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New directions~

Got some new bitches to add to my harem!

You get...
2 x Lard (1 Vishnu, 1 Parvati)
1 x Tsuchiya and Takashi
1 x Taito
1 x Baba-chan as a girl
1 x Shouta as a girl
7 x Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi (1 Ricchan, 1 Prince with a cup of Joe, 5 Takano-san molesting Ricchan)

Teasers, cause I tease!


I like my LJ posts like I like my men: long and cutCollapse )

You missed me, you know it.

Hullo lovelies, long time no post. I'm sure your 2011 has been dark and cold without my sexiness to brighten and warm it, so wait no more: I'm here now, and I bring kickass icons as usual.

Post contains:
1 x Tsuchiya
1 x Tsuchiya and a woman in a yukata or something
2 x Tsuji-chan as a pedophilic teacher
3 x Shouta-kun as a slutty schoolboy???
2 x Tsuji-chan and Shouta-kun showing up Tsuchiya and Takashi in every respect hahahaha.
1 x Shouta-kun in glasses that he doesn't need
2 x Umm I don't even know these kids' names; we'll just call them Pedomaru and Charlie.
2 x Just Pedomaru
2 x Just Charlie
1 x Mako-chan

Teasers (cause I'm awesome that way)


How much? No, seriously. How much?Collapse )

Didya miss me??

You know what? You people are too uptight. You need to follow the good example of those イギリス人 and KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON. That being said, I bring a bunch of new icons of the following sort:

1 x Sano Daiki Jr. aka "Jay" (my bb's bb)
5 x Western Mode KCCO
3 x Maharaja Mode KCCO
1 x "covering up for Tsuchiya" KCCO
1 x "Teasing Gaku is Fun" KCCO
3 x TeniMyu-related KCCO

Teasers (you know me >:D)


Western Mode was completely original and had nothing to do with 'Three Amigos', 'The Magnificent Seven,' or 'Back to the Future III' [/disclaimer]Collapse )

Update with some PS lovelies~

Your sexy one demands you pay attention to him. To hold said attention, he offers icons.

Wares peddled
--7 Takashi [4 normal, 1 as Hitsugaya, 2 as Pasupata]
--2 Gin+Hitsugaya (or Tsuchiya and Takashi, not my business how you take it)
--2 with strong implications that Tsuchiya gets happy in his pants for Takashi
--2 Nataraja aka the one where Tsuchiya wears a phallic symbol on his head
--1 Tsuchiya grinning like a loon :D
--1 GDI, because everyone needs a good GDI icon
--3 5th cast (1 Tsujimoto & Takasaki, 1 Tsujimoto and Takasaki and BabaRyo, 1 w/everyone)

For the rest, get cut!Collapse )


Time again for an icon post!

Tsuchiya x 4
Takashi x 2
Tsuchiya&Takashi x 3
Golden Pair (T2) x 2
Golden Trio (T2&Baba) x 1
Vishnu x Parvati (MahaMo) x 1

Show your Sexy One some love and take the icons ♥ Here, have a few teasers (you know I love to tease~):

Read more...Collapse )

Finally got some down-time.

Tsujimoto x 4
Shouta x 2
BabaRyo x 1
T2 + BabaRyo x 1
Me x 1
Me&TheBoy x 1
Tsuchiya x 1
Takashi x 1
Tsuchiya&Takashi x 1
Tsuchiya, Takashi, Daiki-chan x 1
+1 random banner for when Takashi finally joins *pnish*

There is entirely not enough of me in this. And that's being generous and counting Moriyama-san-gou as me. Which I do.Collapse )


Tsujimoto x 1
T2 x 4
T2 + BabaRyo x 1
T2!Golden Pair x 5
Tsujimoto!Oishi x 1
Takasaki!Kikumaru x 2
Me&TheBoy x 1

Kids these days, SHEESHCollapse )

It's been a while my lovelies~


Sorry for the wait, I hope you were able to keep yourselves...entertained...while His Sexiness was away on business. I come bearing iconnage to help satiate.

2 x Tsuchiya
1 x Tsuchiya-and-a-chick (don't worry, I checked this time. It's a real chick, not Takashi)
1 x Tsuchiya's fucking hips.
1 x Takashi filming himself, the camwhore (if you people only knew the number of sex tapes he owns of himself...)
1 x a secret pic I snapped of The Boy.
1 x me lookin' hot.
4 x me/The Boy
1 x Saiga!The Boy
1 x Saiga and Shisui (my baby's so hot when he looks like a girl~)
1 x me showing Tsuchiya how to get on his knees like a real man, ala Tachibana and Garakusha

I know I shouldn't tease, since it's been so long, but I can't help it:

For the rest, get cut!Collapse )
This time around we've got...
Reverse Historica (aka ME AND DAIKI) - [2]
Sono Tettou (aka those other guys) - [4]
Wizard People, Dear Readers - [4]
Takashi - [1]
Kitty Guys (aka the BuriMyu taiin) - [7]

Just to whet the appetite a bit here...

Cut for great justice!Collapse )
Hellooooo all you sweet things out there, so sorry to keep you waiting, I know it's been a while. To make it up to you: icons and a wallpaper ♥

How about a little slice of heaven before diving in...

Despite icons that say otherwise, I am NOT a kissup. I'm just sleeping with Leader.Collapse )