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Sup my lovelies, got an icon dump with YOUR names on it ♥

Previews, because do you really want to wait to click that cut to see what awesome shit I cooked up? Of course not.

I'm~ coming~ out♪Collapse )


Sup my lovelies, got an icon dump with YOUR names on it ♥

Previews (so I can pimp my wares outside of a cut)

Come and listen to a story 'bout a man named Eiji, poor Tokyo actor making a living on the stage...ey.Collapse )
①Schnookums (looking hot)
①Those freaky Takagi twins

Tsuchiya, I hope you're thinking what I'm thinking: Takashi pulls off that kimono a liiiiittle too well.Collapse )

Take my icons, please! *badump CHING*

Whooooo, it's that time again--time for more awesome sexy fantasmic icons from yours truly.

We got
※Takashi - 6
※Tsuchiya - 4
※Tsuchiya and Takashi - 3
※Tacchan - 2
※Loverboy - 2
※A Woman With Large Breasts - 1

Hey, you know me and The Boy have a comm now, right?Collapse )

30 smells so sweet.

Icons of Awesomeness
♪Tsuchiya (2)
♪Takashi (3)
♪TsuchiyaandTakashi (1)
♪Daiki-chan (1.5)
♪My Future Brother-in-Law (1.5)
♪Shirota/Katou (1)
♪Other (4)


icon spam blahblah ALOHA

Icons of Awesomeness
★Tsuchiya, Takashi, Tsuchiya+Takashi - 8
★Me/The Boy - 1 (oh that's SO not on)
★Shirota/Katou - 3
★Other - 4
★god these star things rock
★it's like, everything automatically becomes 10000 times cooler when preceded by a star
★check it out
★moriyama eiji

ok, bored. Icons now★★★★Collapse )

god my icons rock

Tsuchiya/Takashi - 3
Me/The Boy (plz to be noting the order, thx) - 2
The Boy - 1
Tsuchiya - 3
Takashi - 3
*pnish* - 1
Misc - 2

sexygaju icons...THE MOVIE...TWO.

Oh and umm yeah my new layout? BITCHIN'.

Just when you thought it was safe to refresh your flist...Collapse )

Sexy Wallpapers (c)

Moriyama Eiji has a 1024 by 768 resolution monitor, so you plebes with different resolutions can just suck it up.

This is from our stint in Taiwan. Fuck I look good. I even turned myself on looking back at these. And I'm gay.Collapse )

evidence of my awesomeness.

Golden Pair - 1
*pnish* - 8
Nagayan - 4
Misc - 3

Welcome, my brethren. Uh, sisteren...whatever.

Ore-sama no Icons ni...yoi na~Collapse )

Also, since this is where I'll be uploading icons and manips and crap from now on, for credit I'd appreciate it muchly if you'd put sexygaju in the keywords, and not that whore fencer_x